After concentrating the development for 3,5 years in the construction of the Commwall, we can finally announce a new product line within the Novasonar branch. Since years we were planning to create a DML flat panel loudspeaker for applications where not a diffuse, but a directional radiation is required and would allow to locate the source.

We used all our know how from 20 years developing DML loudspeakers.
The first two treasures are ready and the result is amazing.

The resolution is crystal clear with voice and other complex signals. Rich of detail, locatable and with a lot of dynamic, enabled by a new high performance exciter, a new membrane and of course with …other small secrets.
The power handling is 100 watts and the SPL is wide above 100 dB. Really clear! Amazing sound! Amazing pressure! That is fun!

Looking forward to the reaction on this small revolution.

For this new product line we are looking for the right partners that can deal with this treasure.
The new systems will be launched around end of January 2020. The name of the Program:
“NOVASONAR PHASELINE” achieved a breakthrough which will revolutionize the DML’s.