Everything on the building site runs smoothly

Safety, ensuring success – the Novasonar worry-free-concept

Novasonar flat-panel speakers are factory build into several kinds of construction materials, making installation very easy. Materials and assembly do not differ from other construction materials used and as a result, there are no „alien bodies“ in the drywall.

This means the contractor deals with construction materials he already is acquainted with. For him, installation is simple and logical right from the start. Errors, encurring during installation of the speakers will not happen, because the loudspeakers are already incorporated in the construction materials at the ML factory, and the contractor only has to deal with his building materials as usual.

This ensures stress free co-operation of all concerned, with perfect results.

Product lines

GK-Series: For drywall coverings of gypsum plaster boards
GL-Series: For drywall coverings made of perforated gypsum boards
GF-Series: For drywall coverings made of gypsum fiber boards
RA-Series: For suspended grid ceilings
AK-Series: For jointless acous c ceilings
DS-Series: For suspended acoustic panels
KIT-Series: For wooden materials etc. and furniture
BOXER-Series: Vibration‐free subwoofer for drywall
100/70V Transformer: For hooking up any Novasonar to public address systems
Installation box: For installation of GK / BOXER‐Series into solid walls/ceilings

Our flat-panel technology

The sound-wave emission of the Novasonar fl atpanel loudspeakers equals the way acoustical musical instruments radiate their soundwaves, instruments like for example, violins and guitars. The soundbody of such musical instruments vibrate and thus emits soundwaves in all directions. The Novasonar fl at-panel loudspeaker is also a soundbody, which is brought to vibration by electrical exciters. The dispersion angle of Novasonar fl at-panel loudspeakers is for all frequencies equal to that of musical instruments,
and with a 180° radiation pattern considerably broader than the dispersion angle of conventional loudspeakers. Dynamically, space-filling sound waves, offering optimum sound – anywhere you are in the room, no square meter hot spot – you`ll be amazed at how good it sounds!

Vibration-free subwoofer – Novasonar Boxer technology

The opposite positioning of the loudspeaker frames and their metal bracing cause mechanical vibrational forces to be cancelled out. Meaning vibrations in the housing cannot develop at all. Acoustic decoupling from drywall construction or furniture is therefore not necessary, making seamless integration simple.

Two channels separated from each other enable a stereo amplifier to be connected. By way of example, two satellite loudspeakers and a Boxer are run jointly (in parallel) on two amplifier channels.


Drywall construction, Furniture- and wood panelling, Sound-absorbing grid ceilings and surfaces, Ceiling panels, Solid Construction, Damp Room, Media furniture, Presentation elements, Mobile exhibition wall systems, Custom made configurable elements. Also to be built into Ships, Yachts, Boats, Vehicles/Campers, Railway Cars und Aircrafts.

A Planner's View

The exemplary Novasonar installation concept provides a reliable way for planning and assembling

As planner and advisor the first thing to choose for is of course the sound quality in combination with the way a sound system performs and infl uences the interior decoration optically. In case of applying invisible loudspeakers the mounting of these loudspeakers brings additional costs to the buyer, costs which should not be underestimated.

Over the last decades my company applied many of these systems in a range of national – and international projects. Which brought us the experience and insight how to deal with the “dry-wallers“ and project planners/integrators. This exchange of information with them will consume time, thus money.

The ML-Audio design creating the way to carry out the installation much easier, prooves mounting can be done significantly more affordable.