Invisible speakers with the Novasonar worry-free-concept
How to make the building site stress free

Architecture and Design surround us in our day to day life more and more with clear designs and elegance.
However, an important requirement for Media technique is to be invisible integrated. Speakers present the biggest challenge in this respect, where here it is not the transmission quality that is matters, but more it is the way the speakers will blend in invisibly in the surrounding building materials of whatever room.

Nowadays there are many different “invisible speaker” brands on the market. With very few exceptions these speakers have been constructed as so called flat panel speakers, which integration at first glance look fairly simple and straightforward. However, when the materials used and construction of these speakers differ very much from the materials used for the construction of the interior of the building, it could be that these materials are experienced as alien. This could lead already to problems at the planning, but surely later on with the coordinating at the building site it could give huge problems. A professional co-operation and collaboration between Media technique and builders, especially in projects under strict guidelines, could be harassing. Building delays and extra costs could be the result.

As one of the pioneers in the field of “invisible speakers” we know from many years of experience and projects, how to avoid all these problems and how to connect all people involved in order to get satisfactory results, from planning to realization.

In order to attain this result, we at Novasonar have developed the “Novasonar worry-free-concept”, and with this concept we made our Novasonar Sound systems fit for the purpose at the planning stage and on the building site. With our slogan “building material and speaker system all in one piece” we deliver “invisible speakers”, already integrated by ML-Audio in the materials used for building the inside walls and ceilings. With a special technique we attune the building material perfectly to sound. With this we leave the builder with a material, which he is accustomed to. The mounting is from start to finish simple and easy to follow. This makes for a relaxed working together on the building site and gives a stable base for perfect end result in form and function.

Just how we accomplish this and why our speakers find high acceptance with architects, planners, AV integrators and builders, we would like to show you in detail on our website. We hope to inspire you and inform you fully about our well designed technology and integration techniques. We hope you will enjoy it.