Everything on the building site runs smoothly...

Solid arguments, which distinguishes Novasonar and make things easy for you
Factory-integration of Novasonar sound systems into original construction materials providing clarity and reliability in planning and on the building site

• A high degree of acceptance by architects, planners and contractors, since the loudspeaker’s materials do not introduce alien material in the overall finish
• No changes in the material applied, continuously assemble and processing technology
• No mechanical installation errors, because the loudspeakers are already integrated in the factory
• Ensuring smooth co-operation between the specialists in interior finish and media technology
• The basis for perfect and durable creation of the surfaces by machine pre-fabrication
• No delays in building due to additional co-ordination between the specialists from different diciplines
• Simplification on costs calculations
• Cost savings through the most simple installation
• Predictable results with a constant high quality
• Milling down the material to its minimum thickness enusures neutrallity to the sound color
Novasonar Boxer technology – acoustic decoupled and vibration-free subwoofer systems
• No need for acoustic decoupling from drywall construction or furniture
• No noise interference through rattling drywall substructure
• No risk of cracking in drywall constructions
• No noise interference, for example, through noise from rattling doors or shelves in furniture installation
• No wobbling image on the projection surface in media furniture installation
• Two channels separated from each other for connection to a stereo amplifier
• The ultra-fl at housing makes installation possible, for example, in furnitue plinths or slim stud walls

In a nutshell:
The Novasonar worry-free-concept combines the various specialisations involved, the pre-fabrication guarantees that after being installed Novasonar loudspeakers really remain invisible, sounding as they should.